“St Pauls RC High School” Dundee


“Craigmount High School” Edinburgh

Inspirational, thought-provoking, motivational, driven and positive- a selection of words I would use to describe Keith Cook and his presentation to our senior students during their Induction Day at Craigmount High School. You could hear a pin drop amongst the 350 students as Keith shared his athlete journey story. He engaged all the students from the get go and used a variety of practical tasks to keep students engaged and alert. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I would highly recommend to get Keith into your school or workplace if you can.

Steven Raeburn (Depute head Teacher- Acting)


“Wallace Academy” Stirling

“We thought Keith was FANTASTIC. His candid and honest presentation really captivated the pupils, instantly drawing them in. Many of our pupils were able to relate directly to his story. Thank you so much for tailoring the activities to the theme for our Mental Health week – this really helped to reinforce the 5 ways of wellbeing to all our pupils. The activities he created were fun, engaging and active – everything we could have asked for. We loved that the tasks Keith gave the pupils got them moving and pushed them out of their comfort zone. We will definitely get you back into school again.”


“Banff Academy” Aberdeenshire

Keith Cook is an outstanding inspirational athlete who has provided high quality learning sessions with a range of our pupils. Working with a group of our senior pupils he supported and motivated them throughout the On Track To Achieve project and the pupils, thanks to Keith, increased in confidence, self-esteem and resilience being a part of the project and encouraged by Keith. Keith worked with our Higher class for a session and engaged them in learning about mental wellbeing and how it can impact positively on practical performance. He also worked with 4 S2 classes, where he inspired them with his story, captivating them from start to finish, and he planned some excellent, fun, engaging activities where they developed some skills for life, learning and work. I would recommend schools to work with Keith and give pupils the opportunity to be inspired and go onto reach their potential.

Angie Shearer

“Turriff Academy” Aberdeenshire

Keith Cook has worked alongside Active schools  over the past school year. He provided the pupils with various workshops such as team building, confidence boosting and problem solving skills. As well as the workshops, Keith would share his inspiring story, which had an effect on the children and helped them achieve on the day, and throughout the school year.

He was thoroughly organised and was always willing to respond to the individual needs of the school. He was able to adapt sessions depending on class sizes, ability or whatever barriers he may have come up against. All the activities which the pupils took part in were all well planned and developmental, and you could easily see the ways in which the children’s skill levels had developed throughout the sessions.

He has a great way of getting everyone engaged, including the teachers and support staff. The lessons were interactive, imaginative with all the pupils developing their skills through a range of physical and mental activities and challenges. Children who would seem shy and uninterested at the start of the sessions would develop into and integral member of the team by the end of the session.

I would highly recommend Keith Cook due to his professional, friendly and enthusiastic manner as well as the high level of expertise he has brought to the school.

Liam Troup

Active Schools Coordinator

“Active Schools Aberdeenshire”

Port Erroll School pupils were so inspired by Athlete Mentor Keith Cook’s visit to the school that they all wish to take up the sport of fencing. This was an excellent project and it wasn’t just about learning a new sport, it was about taking the tools needed to learn a new skill and transferring them into a school and social setting. The enthusiasm the project generated across the entire school was incredible.

Kind Regards
Tracy Siwek Active Schools Lead Coordinator (North Aberdeenshire)

Disability & Inclusion Lead (Aberdeenshire)

“PannMuir St Anns” Edinburgh

Keith Cook very kindly introduced fencing to the young people at Panmure St Ann’s Special School. The young people who attend the school have social, emotional and behavioural needs.

Keith has an amazing way of engaging the young people he works with. He is able to get down to their level, engage them in topical conversations and motivate them to learn a new skill.

The boys in the group , who normally find focusing on one task for a long period of time very challenging were captivated by Keith’s life story.

In the second part of the session the boys were encouraged to try out fencing. Keith delivered this in a fun and structured way so that the boys could have a real experience of what fencing involves.

Two of the boys in particular showed a keen interest and talent and Keith encouraged them to attend his club.

On the one day that Keith joined us in the school he not only taught the young people a new skill but motivated them to think differently about their own challenges and experiences in life.

This session will be one which sticks in their memory for many years to come.

Mandy Shiel

Acting HT Panmure St Ann’s

“Peterhead Academy” Aberdeenshire

Keith showcased some fantastic fencing skills which left pupils determined and inspired to a try this sport, and for many a new sport. The pupils put their skills to practice and worked alongside Keith learning new tactics and putting them to use in some action packed games. Keith was an excellent Athlete mentor who the pupils warmed to very quickly with his energetic and approachable manner. We would love to have Keith back at Peterhead Academy to continue to inspire pupils to achieve and to reach for new heights.

“Howden Hall Secure Services” Edinburgh

Pupils at Edinburgh Secure Services participated in the Athlete Mentor programme delivered by Keith Cook over two sessions. Keith’s inspirational life story, engaging style of delivery and tailored programme of activities immediately worked to engage this group of young people, some of whom have significant social, emotional and behavioural needs. Keith was able to deliver a programme of work based on the specific needs of this group of pupils, focused on growth mindset and resilience. The pupils benefitted greatly from the programme, which has had a sustained impact on their confidence and self-efficacy.

Anna Gray | Acting Head Teacher

“Edinburgh College”

Entry to Sport learners engaged with an active learning session delivered by mentor Keith Cook.
Edinburgh College and Spartans Community Football Academy worked in partnership to deliver essential skills through the power of sport, Keith’s role was integral to the success of the project.
His well organised active learning sessions with a group of learners who are disengaged from education was excellent, a personalised learning approach delivered by Keith engaged all learners giving the group skills such as working with others, problem solving and communication.
I would highly recommend Keith Cook, his professionalism  and enthusiastic style  was inspirational for us all.

David Hiddleston
Edinburgh College | Curriculum Leader

“Gallashields Academy” 

Keith Cook is an inspirational athlete who provided a very interesting workshop to us all .
He inspired us with his story about  his personal and professional life and the struggles he has had to over come to get to where he is now .
From the start the pupils were all totally engaged listening to his story and his team building workshops were great fun .
A most enjoyable day had by all especially when pupils thanked me for organising the workshop as they found his talk very inspirational .
I would highly recommend Keith to come and visit you and we are looking forward to his next visit.

Linda Rome
Active Schools
Galashiels Academy
“Royal High” Edinburgh
‘Keith has provided inspirational and engaging personal development sessions, with some of our most vulnerable pupils. Keith provided strategic support, while challenging learners  throughout a range of activities, that were extremely effective in developing teamwork and resilience.  Following Keith’s programme, our learners had a greater understanding that difficulties and obstacles are part of life, but had increased their confidence, self-esteem and resilience to be able to deal with these challenges more effectively. Keith has inspired our pupils with his story, as well as organising a variety of activities that were adequately differentiated. The staff and the pupils at Royal High School would be delighted to have Keith visit us again!’


Adam Reed
“Falkirk Community Trust” 

Keith Cook was invited to do a workshop at our Young Ambassadors Team Building Day with the simple instruction of sending the pupils back to their schools inspired to get more children involved in sport. What the children got from the day, was so much more than this. Keith’s fantastic story was very easy for the pupils to relate to and refreshingly honest about the highs and lows of sport. He was able to relate his own stories to challenges that pupils are likely to encounter in their role as Young Ambassadors which was particularly useful.

The second part of the workshop involved a range of simple but very effective group activities that helped bring a lot of the pupils out of their shells whilst having a lot of fun at the same time. I’ve been a part of several workshops of a similar nature and would say this one was right up there with the best of them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Keith’s workshops to any other organisations.

Innes Paterson – Active Schools Coordinator | Falkirk Cluster


“Ourladys High School Motherwell”

“Keith Cook inspired our dyslexic learners today, by showing them the importance of following your ambitions, regardless of your difficulties and barriers. They now know the importance of resilience and teamwork, thanks to Keith’s inspirational workshop”

Sharon Maguire
PT Support for Learning
OLHS Motherwell


The Good Shepherd Centre” Glasgow

A massive thank you for coming to our center. I hope you enjoyed your time here. It was really nice to have you and you did great work with our young people. From the evaluation forms, the young people completed they were clearly impressed with your talk about your life and the struggles you encountered as well as the activities you put on throughout the day. They also commented on, and were impressed your manner in getting them to engage with you and the activities. The staff were also very impressed with your presentation, activities, and spoke highly of this.
Thank you again,
David Compton (The Good Shepherd Centre)