About Me

My name it Keith Cook. As a young child I was angry and confused.  I grew up in a chaotic and often violent home in a disadvantaged area of Edinburgh. I found school hard being Dyslexic but I found my arena to shine ……

My release was sport and at the age of 11 I found fencing.  Not your average sport for a child of my background, but I was able to focus my frustrations through sport to reach a “Positive Destination”. It didn’t matter what was going on at home, where I lived or how well I was doing at school, when I was fencing I was no different from anyone else.  No matter what else was going on I discovered that if I worked hard and surrounded myself with positive people, I could achieve anything. I found out its ok to make mistakes, that’s how we learn. I became more confident and I realised sport could teach me so much and the skills that I learnt could be transferred into changing my life for the better…..
British Fencing Champion
9 x Commonwealth Medallist
European Team Bronze Medallist
World Cup Team Medallist
Young Persons Coach of the Year 
British Fencing Innovation Award Winner 
Mentor, Coach, Modern Jedi
A little bit of my Athletes journey story.  In a Galaxy far, far away ……….