When looking at your goals and desired outcomes for any session we can tailor our offering to maximise the impact.  Firstly, get in touch and we can chat through your project and the needs of your participants.

Session Planning

  • Athletes Journey Story – Building Rapport
  • Suggested Workshop’s & Positive Destination Skills session – We feel the skills can help you to be successful in Life not Just in Sport
  • Activities Around the Positive Destination Skills – Your comfort Zone is a Beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. This is the opportunity to step out your comfort zone and unleash your potential.

Suggested sessions:

Athletes Journey Story (1.5hr or 3hr) – Sharing my journey and the highs and lows that life has given me and the skills that I have gained on my way. Then activities around some of the stills I have been able to gain through my sport that have helped me in life not just in sport. Making the activities challenging so that the pupils can step out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves.

Fit for Exams – 4 x 1.5 hr sessions around developing coping strategies for students to deal with stress with exams and school life. Through Meditation, Yoga, and identifying pupils emotions and their impact to maximize their peak performance in school and exams

Life Skills Workshops – (1.5 or 3hr) Learning that its ok to make mistakes or lose that’s how learning is done. Starting of with my Athletes Journey story then delivering a workshop around learning from mistakes. A series of group challenges to get the pupils to step out of their comfort zone to grow and learn that their comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows their.

Team Work / Communication Skills – (1.5hr or 3hr) No Athlete has ever got to where they are by themselves. In this workshop we start with the athletes journey story then activities and challenges around Teamwork / Communication Skills. We look at stresses that are useful / useless and the 3 factors (Out of our Control, Influence, In control)

Healthy lifestyle choices – (1.5 or 3hr) Workshop on fitness and healthy eating. Taking about a healthy life style and what that involves and why? We look at what exercise dose to your body and the positive knock on effects. Why eating the rights foods are important and staying Hydrated.

Fencing Experience – (1.5 or 3hr) Experience the Olympic Sport of fencing and learning the fundamentals of fencing in a fun dynamic way.

Awards Ceremonies – Motivational Speech

Wellbeing (1.5 or 3hr) – Through Sporting/physical activity learning about our body’s and how small changes to our routines can make a big different to out physical and mental health

Families (1.5 or 3hr )- Learning core skills together. Parents and young people working together and communicating to learn new skills and making mistakes together and having fun. Realising its ok to make mistakes that’s how we learn.

Opportunities for All (1.5 or 3hr) – Dose not matter who you are or where you come from if you work hard and put the effort in anything is possible in life “Believe & Achieve”. A workshop on self-confidence and resilience

Employability Skills (1.5 or 3hr) – Positive Destination Skills, Team Building and Problem solving – Finding out our own Strengths and weaknesses and looking at stepping out our comfort zone. Great way to bond as a Team through a series of Activities that will stretch yourself to reach your potential.

Positive Destination Skills:

Focus – Performing Under Pressure
Resilience – Growth Mindset
Communication Skills – Working as a Team
Rules for life – Guiding Principles
Desire for Change – Stepping out your Comfort Zone
Goal Setting – Dream Big

Sessions Costs

1hr-1.5hr £250

1.5hr – 2.5hr £300

Full Day 9am-3pm £425

Some sessions depending on distance and location may incur travel expenses and accommodation if further than 2hr drive from Edinburgh.