When looking at your goals and desired outcomes for any session we can tailor our offering to maximise the impact.  Firstly, get in touch and we can chat through your project and the needs of your participants.

Session Planning

  • Athletes Journey Story – Building Rapport
  • Suggested Workshop’s & Positive Destination Skills session- We feel the skills can help you to be successful in Life not Just in Sport
  • Activities Around the Positive Destination Skills – Your comfort Zone is a Beautiful place but nothing ever grows there. This is the opportunity to step out your comfort zone and unleash your potential.

Suggested sessions:

  1. Healthy Lifestyles – small changes BIG difference
  2. Wellbeing – Sporting/physical activity
  3. Families – Learning core skills together
  4. Opportunities for All – Believe & Achieve
  5. Employability Skills – Positive Destination Skills
  6. Team Building and Problem solving


Positive Destination Skills:

  • Focus – Performing Under Pressure
  • Resilience – Growth Mindset
  • Communication Skills – Working as a Team
  • Rules for life – Guiding Principles
  • Desire for Change – Stepping out your Comfort Zone
  • Goal Setting – Dream Big


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